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A simple minesweeper game's rule in propositional and first order logic

The following picture is a snapshot of a $3 \times 3$ minesweeper game environment. According to the rules of the game, because of the middle 1, there is a mine in one of the other eight surrounding ...

logic first-order-logic propositional-logic  
user avatar asked by user153245 Score of 1

DDPG model outputting a fixed action at every timestep

I am trying to create a Car Following model, for which i am using DDPG. My action is acceleration bounded in a range of [-3,3] m/s2. While training the model, for every state it gives a single ...

reinforcement-learning actor-critic-methods ddpg  
user avatar asked by Aditya Mishra Score of 1
user avatar answered by Matthias Schilling Score of 0

How do I make an artificial intelligence for a game played on a continuous board?

There is a lot of introductory literature about artificial intelligence for time and space discrete games, like chess. A few fundamental methods are offered: Minimax to depth $n$ with an evaluation ...

game-ai continuous-state-spaces  
user avatar asked by Ignat Insarov Score of 1

What about the loss and custom metric with per-pair weights in multi-class classification?

Let's suppose that we have a multi-class classification problem with 5 classes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The order is not random, they are neighbors. For example, imagine that a labelling is 1. If the ...

transformer accuracy cross-entropy multiclass-classification  
user avatar asked by Konstantinos Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a fully convolution network?

I was surveying some literature related to Fully Convolutional Networks and came across the following phrase, A fully convolutional network is achieved by replacing the parameter-rich fully ...

machine-learning convolutional-neural-networks computer-vision image-segmentation fully-convolutional-networks  
user avatar asked by r4bb1t Score of 20
user avatar answered by nbro Score of 27

How does an AI like ChatGPT answer a question in a subject which it may not know?

After seeing StackOverflow's banning of ChatGPT, I explored it out of curiosity. It's marvellous as it can write code by itself! Later to check if it knows chess as well like Google-Deepmind's ...

natural-language-processing chat-bots question-answering board-games chatgpt  
user avatar asked by iammilind Score of 34
user avatar answered by Mithical Score of 72

Where can I find the proof of the universal approximation theorem?

The Wikipedia article for the universal approximation theorem cites a version of the universal approximation theorem for Lebesgue-measurable functions from this conference paper. However, the paper ...

neural-networks reference-request proofs function-approximation universal-approximation-theorems  
user avatar asked by Leroy Od Score of 31
user avatar answered by nbro Score of 31

What is the difference between tree search and graph search?

I have read various answers to this question at different places, but I am still missing something. What I have understood is that a graph search holds a closed list, with all expanded nodes, so ...

comparison definitions search graph-search tree-search  
user avatar asked by xava Score of 19
user avatar answered by Amrinder Arora Score of 19

Why are LLMs able to reproduce bodies of known text exactly?

Mathematically, I wouldn't expect LLMs to be able to reproduce source texts exactly unless the source text was the probable outcome given some prompt. However, I have now tested HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-...

generative-model large-language-models text-generation  
user avatar asked by Grant Curell Score of 10
user avatar answered by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 15

What is the difference between self-supervised and unsupervised learning?

What is the difference between self-supervised and unsupervised learning? The terms logically overlap (and maybe self-supervised learning is a subset of unsupervised learning?), but I cannot pinpoint ...

definitions unsupervised-learning self-supervised-learning  
user avatar asked by Robin van Hoorn Score of 16
user avatar answered by Luca Anzalone Score of 12

What is non-Euclidean data?

What is non-Euclidean data? Here are some sub-questions Where does this type of data arise? I have come across this term in the context of geometric deep learning and graph neural networks. ...

deep-learning definitions geometric-deep-learning graph-neural-networks non-euclidean-data  
user avatar asked by nbro Score of 24
user avatar answered by brazofuerte Score of 16

Can you answer this question?

RNN Formulation equivalence not clear

In the paper the authors provide an alternative equation for the more widely known equation to calculate the hidden state at timestep $t$ $$ x_t = σ(W_{rec}x_{t−1} + W_{...

user avatar asked by greedsin Score of 1
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