What exactly is meant by "humanitarian AI"? What research areas does this cover? AI in healthcare? Algorithmic fairness? Applications of AI for economic development? Can anyone provide links to relevant papers?


Humanitarian AI refers to the use of AI in humanitarian projects or initiatives, such as these.

There are many possible humanitarian projects and initiatives that can benefit from AI systems capacities. These are a few.

  • Relief planning after disasters
  • Refugee services
  • Water conservation in drought prone areas
  • Strategic planning to advantage the poor
  • Elderly care planning
  • Customized nutritional guidance
  • Addiction recovery services

Many other uses of AI to remove disadvantages created by economic conditions, climate events, war, or deficiencies in education can be conceived, designed, and constructed.

It may be beneficial to consider legislative protections to ensure that such advantages are provided to those truly disadvantaged due to no fault of their own or resulting from mistakes anyone could make, such that those already advantaged do not have free access to AI intended for legitimately disadvantaged.

Currently, AI access is provided to wealthy corporations and people through expensive experts and advisory services. Simply open sourcing as much AI as is legally possible may have significant humanitarian impact. One way to do this is to list in full breadth of usability all inventions already conceived on non-disclosure documents before signing them.

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