I would like to use chatbots for a research project. The chatbots should trigger different types of emotions during a 10 minute period of chatting. I'm thinking about using Mitsuku, Zo or Cleverbot (I prefer using Facebook Messenger or Skype).

One option could be to let the participants do random smalltalk chatting. On the other hand, one could let the participants talk about specific topics where the bot is known to react differently (e.g. offensive, funny etc.)

Does somebody have a good idea how different emotions can be triggered using such a chatbot (or at least one specific emotion)?

Additionally, an interesting alternative are game-based chatbots (like Lifeline). Does somebody know a good chatbot, ideally for Facebook Messenger or Skype, which is game-based (e.g. a playable, branching story)? The interaction should be text-based (i.e. writing with the chatbot) and not only pressing buttons. I'm thankful also for recommendations of other chatbots which could be useful.


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