Is it possible to build an AI application which would gather information about all the services and applications of a large enterprise?

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    $\begingroup$ Yes...I thing lots of applications without AI exist too like hotel booking and flight booking sites. $\endgroup$ – DuttaA Feb 22 at 15:25

Sorry, but that is not the way how AI works. AI never provides something useful which can improves a company's infrastructure, but AI is something which has occupied the company's resources. The human engineers in a large companies have to program new services to fulfill the needs of the AI for enterprise services. For example, the AI would like to see what the sales of the last month was over all subsidiaries. Now the human software developers can go through the repository, search for the data and provides it to the AI. The AI will criticize the report heavily and rejects it. This helps the engineers to improve their business analytic software.

The best role model for understanding an AI in a company was given in the TV series ALF which was aired from 1986-1990. ALF is the AI which never helps in the household but makes everything broken. Willi Tanner and his family has to feed ALF with lots of cakes, and entertain him with funny stores.


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