Is it a common practice to do 3-dimensional imagary data acquisition and implementing the dataset to certain high resolution motor driven humanoid candidates to mimic the human micro expressions or walk signatures ? If so, what would be the exact law studies that distinguishes the original dataset that determines if a person has committed a certain crime or not rather than the AI itself ?

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    $\begingroup$ Hi, welcome to AI Stack Exchange. Your question is a bit short and low on detail, so it is hard to tell exactly what you are asking. Are you referring to recent abilities to create "Deep Fake" videos? What do you mean by "common practice" - are you asking if there are criminal gangs already using the technology to try and trick law enforcers? When you ask about the "AI itself" are you asking if any current AI is capable of committing a crime independently of human direction or just mean that law enforcers may have tools to determine if an "AI" was used to fake a video? $\endgroup$ – Neil Slater Feb 25 at 10:07

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