The last week I've been looking for freelancers who are able to do this project for me but they weren't that experienced in it, so I would like to know whether my idea is complicated or is it their lake of experience.


1. The facial recognition system will be installed on a vertical screen where a camera would be attached to it and it will be assigned on the entrance of the room.

2. Once a visitor come to the entrance, and looks at the screen, a text on the screen would say: " Welcome! It seems like it's your first visit! Please enter your name then a keyboard should popup"

3. The visitor would enter his first name into the keyboard, and it would be saved alongside his face in the database, and it would say thank you, {name}.

4. If the same visitor visits again, the system should say: " Welcome back {name}, happy to see you again"!


Depending on the level of accuracy/speed you want your system to have, you could try using an existing python API. First thing I found on google, the README looks adapted to your project. Otherwise ask your question with more accurate wanted specifications perhaps.


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