Recently, in an online obituary, it was announced that Henry White Pierce died at the age of 88. According to the news-headline, he was a researcher in the topic of organ transplantation, in-vitro fertilization, and artificial intelligence. According to Google Scholar the name “HW Pierce” is listed as an author in the database who has published decades ago about some topics. But the fulltext is stored in jstor, so i can't read it.

My question is: Does anybody know him personally? Has he published a lot about Artificial Intelligence? Do we have to remember of him?

The reason why I'm asking is simple. Academic progress can only be made on the shoulder of giants. The lifespan of a single person is not enough to research a topic in depth. What the later generation can do is to take the scientific legacy of a professor and try to remember him. If the work of a person is lost, it's not possible to reference to papers from him. What i don't understand is, why somebody can die and all his work get lost and nobody remembers him.

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    $\begingroup$ As Oliver suggests, Pierce appears to be a journalist, not a researcher. If you post a link to the JSTOR article you found though, I could take a look. $\endgroup$ – John Doucette Mar 26 '19 at 20:55

According to this obituary, he was a journalist, not a researcher -- that would explain why he wrote on such a variety of not directly related topics. His 1957 Master's Thesis in psychology from the University of Montana is available on-line as a PDF.

Given that he was a science journalist, I don't think he will have published any academic papers since his thesis.

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