TL;DR below.

You entered a online mini video game.

It's a fast-paced hypercasual game. But it's a ranked one - top 10 get prizes. The leaderboard resets and prizes are handed out every couple of days. But it's too time-consuming and brain-exhausting to game to the top spots.

So... you decided to write an AI. At first, the prototype failed to start at all due to runtime bugs. With some coding, it went from nowhere to a snail-crawling speed but stil scoring nothing at all. With more experiment, it finally got a few hundred score. You did some research and optimized the crap out of it then ran it again, it scored a whopping 3500 points, leaving behind the second place just several hundreds of points. Hours later, you logged in again and found yourself overwhelmed in joy that you just won the biggest prize.

Ding! You got an idea: "Why not just wait until just several hours before the leaderboard closes then I run the AI?". Meanwhile, you did some research on the game: some's been banned due to reaching an unbelievably high scores (ten-thousands points plus) messaging to the mod claiming they did it all by themselves.

Fast-forward, it's time! Closing all the browser tabs and your code editor hoping to score higher, you realized your AI may have reached superhuman level when it scored 5000 points, almost 2 times that of the second place, twice, before you had to shut it down afraid of being banned.

A few minutes after sharing the screenshot of your highscore with your friends, with them telling you "You're gunna be banned for sure, man!", you checked in again and... it happened, you've been banned! In panic, you asked yourself: "what I've done wrong?". Topping the leaderboard in just 2 runs? Or twice in a row?

You entered the game under another name, this time developing a play strategy to not get banned. What would you do?


  • Playing a hypercasual game
  • Want to top the leaderboard for prizes
  • Leaderboard resets every couple of days
  • Wrote a AI to do that
  • AI slowly got better
  • Won once leaving the second place a few hundred points
  • Found out other players who got banned of an unbelievably highscore
  • AI reached superhuman level
  • Ran AI just a few hours before the leaderboard closes
  • Scored almost twice the points of second place
  • Got banned
  • Enter the game again with better scheme
  • What scheme?

Suggestions/What I'm doing:

  • Climb up the leaderboard over a couple-of-day period
  • Stop the AI around a manually given score range randomly at some point
  • Run only few times spaced out every few hours
  • Surpass the top score only a few hundred points

What I'm not doing:

  • Intentionally not get the Top 1 spot

Extra Alternate Problem:

This time, it's not a hypercasual game but a board game (think Go). Players are matched with each other. Winner gets points. You write a neural network and train it to play the game automatically.

Would it be suspicious to the mod? (I doubt it) Given that it's much more complicated than a hypercasual game as it's a board game, matching with real players, points go up slowly.

  • $\begingroup$ I don't think this is a suitable site to discuss this topic. There are pros and cons of why AI shouldn't be allowed and I think it's more of a gaming experience (legitimate users will not find it entertaining) issue rather than legality issue. $\endgroup$ – DuttaA Mar 30 '19 at 11:47
  • $\begingroup$ Apart from the ethics, this seems to be a problem that could be tackled with a generative adversarial approach: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generative_adversarial_network $\endgroup$ – Hans-Martin Mosner Mar 30 '19 at 12:03

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