I am in education and I'm wondering about the use of chatbot-like tools to facilitate automated discussions among students. The chatbot domain of knowledge would be purposely restricted to a specific unit of learning. The chatbot must have flexible knowledge representation because discussing the causes of wars in one grade will be a different discussion than discussing the causes of wars in an older grade. I'm wondering how to construct the knowledge base of facts and question prompts to ask students (to keep the inquiry moving forward). I also wonder about the chatbot gradually getting "smarter" as the discussion progresses. For example, I don't want the chatbot to give too most useful information too soon and shortcircuit the learning process. Said differently, I think the chatbot should respond with more sophisticated information as the discussion progresses. I also think the prompting questions would be different/deeper as the discussion progresses. My question is more of a request for feedback on:

  1. The potential of the idea?
  2. Is the scope for a proof of concept deliverable within my abilities or should I seek additional resources?
  3. What back-end tool should I use? I'm most concerned about finding a visual knowledge representation tool.
  4. Is there prior product work done in this area?
  5. Is there prior research done in this area?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

p.s. I am reviewing this question thread --> Build Conversational AI

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    $\begingroup$ Not to be a damper to your good idea and enthusiasm..But this is really impossible with current technologies. Text summarization is one of the most challenging parts of NLP and your entire idea is based on that plus some advanced decision making. The last I heard was Stanford working on a similar text summarization problem, though I am not sure where. $\endgroup$ – user9947 Apr 11 '19 at 14:46

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