I have seen in several jupyter notebooks people initializing the NN weights using:

np.random.randn(D, M) / np.sqrt(D)

Other times they just do:

np.random.randn(D, M)

What is the advantage of dividing the Gaussian distribution by the squared root of the number of neurons in the layer?



I think they use the Xavier/Glorot's initialization method. You can read from the original paper:

We initialized the biases to be 0 and the weights $W_{ij}$ at each layer with the following commonly used heuristic:

$W_{ij} \sim U [ -\frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}, \frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}] $

where $U[−a, a]$ is the uniform distribution in the interval $(−a, a)$ and $n$ is the size of the previous layer (the number of columns of $W$)

Some people use this as some reports said this initialization method lead to better result


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