It is very hard to say what cognitive science is.The disagreements about the scope and methods of this new science are,however,a very healthy situation.There is much disagreement about exactly what cognitive science is-and even more about what exactly it studies and what is the correct way to study it.
Cognitive science is,just ,like AI,a cross-disciplinary activity.it involves [at the very least] psychologists,neurobiologists,linguists,computer scientists and philosophers.
Cognitive science also has the best claim to be the science of mind in humans,animals,machines and extra terrestrial aliens[if there is any].

Cognitive science has also had a tremendous influence on human psychology.AI has produced technology but the export of ideas to other discipline is,at least,probably more important.
Sometimes it is observed that people doing cognitive science try to avoid the term artificial intelligence.
Cognitive science is more about trying to find out how the human intelligence or mind works.And that it would use artificial intelligence to make tests or experiments,to test ideas and so forth. Is artificial intelligence a research tool for cognitive science?Cognitive science deals with living things,while AI tries to create an intelligence artificially. My question is about,is it all about cognitive science?

Most people who use"cognitive science" are referring more to understanding human intelligence for it's own sake.AI is more about implementing "intelligence" on a computer,where the techniques used may or may not be influenced by research done under rubric of cognitive science.
Again,My question is about,It has been many years since cognitive science has come closer to AI .These two sciences have differences.Why the relationship between AI and cognitive science is much more complicated?How and when the relationship between these two sciences did begin to grow?

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