I also asked this question here but I'm repeating it on this SE because I feel it is more relevant. No intention to spam.

I am researching into coding a solver for a variant of the Sokoban game with multiple agents, restrictions (eg. colors of stones, goals) and relaxations (push AND pull possible, etc.)

By researching online I have found classic papers in the field, like the Rolling Stone paper (by Andreas Junghanns and Jonathan Schaeffer) and Sokoban: Enhancing general single-agent search methods using domain knowledge from the same authors.

These solutions seem to be outdated and I am currently structuring my solver per the notes of the two most performant solvers: YASS and Sokolution.

From the research, I've done these two seem to be my best bet.

It is apparent that they are not enough by themselves to solve a multi-agent environment. Those solvers are made for a single agent. So far, I have failed to find useful multi-agent proposals.

In this context, my question is:

  1. What can be considered state-of-the-art in order to:
    • coordinate multiple agents with different goals, and
    • plug a solver's solution in and validate/edit it?
  2. What are some search terms I can use to research this further?

Thank you very much


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