I am An Second Year B.Tech Student. I have Basic Idea Of Unity,C# For Game development and I Recently starting Learning AI in Python So I Am Confused Which to Choose as Career.


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A naive approach in coordinating decisions of people is to tell them what to do next. An example would be to advice a certain university and hope that the individual will do so. This kind of authority driven recommendation works only for very simple decisions, for example “if somebody is hungry, then he should eat”, but it fails in complex decision decision making over longer period of time.

The more elaborate way in answering the question for the optimal career path is to build a career model. This is some kind of physics engine which is able to predict the outcome of decisions somebody has made in the past. Sometimes, the strategy is called scenario based learning, because the user can enter different career decision, and the system will output what the result will be in the future. Such a model is trying to predict the reality with the highest possible accuracy.

A good starting point in building a career path prediction engine is to use existing social information from linkedln and other social websites and aggregate them into a machine readable model.[1]

[1] Liu, Ye, et al. "Fortune teller: predicting your career path." Thirtieth AAAI conference on artificial intelligence. 2016.

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