Artificial intelligence is changing everything. AI is going to replace our jobs. So, what are the jobs that AI is going to create or replace?


A report from PwC states that - AI will displace around 7 million and will be creating around 7.2 million new jobs.

According to MIT researchers – AI will replace tasks, not jobs.

In my opinion AI revolution is mainly going to effect non-technological jobs. So, the next generation—of employees should focus on creating career in new roles like AI researchers, Data scientist, Robotic Engineer.

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These are the new jobs that AI is going to create:

  1. AI engineer
  2. Big Data scientist
  3. Real-Time Data Engineer
  4. Machine Linguist
  5. Robot counselor
  6. Telepresence Specialists
  7. Vertical Farming Specialist
  8. Limb Engineer
  9. Sensor Scientist
  10. Virtual Experience Specialist
  11. Robotic Engineer
  12. Virtual Reality Engineer
  13. Genome Specialist
  14. Gaming engineer
  15. IOT Engineer
  • AI Product Manager

This is a role that didn't exist a few years ago. Here's a GlassDoor search from today.

Informally, Product Management positions indicate a certain degree of maturity for a new technology.


As the rate of automation is increasing day by day and companies are keen on AI automation. Surely, AI is going to affect the job market. According to Granter, artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates by 2020.

However, I think it is too early to define what kind of jobs are going to created by AI.

But its undeniable fact that AI is going to play a key role in companies. Obviously, companies require AI engineers, AI researchers and AI experts.

Apart from these jobs, such as robotic engineers, IOT engineers, machine learning specialists are also on-demand.


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