What are some interesting myths of Artificial Intelligence and what are the facts behind them?

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As Artificial Intelligence is rapidly invading in our lives the myths around AI is also fabricating rapidly. Before getting into details one need to get clear off from this myths.

Myth 1: AI will take away our jobs:

Reality: AI is not completely different from other technologies and AI will not take away jobs but AI will change the way we work and helps us to increase the productivity by removing monotonous works.

Myth 2: Artificial intelligence will take over the world:

Reality: AI controlling the world. According to me it will not possible unless we give it that power. AI or robots will assist in our work and helps us to solve some tedious works that are difficult for human to solve easily.

Myth 3: Intelligent machines can learn on their own

Reality: It seems that a Intelligent machine can learn by it own. But the fact is that a AI Engineer or AI specialist should develop the algorithm and feed the machine with datasets and instructions and continuous monitoring should be done and most importantly regular update of software should be done.

Myth 4: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep learning all three are same:

Reality: No not at all. To be clear machine learning is a part of AI and deep learning is the subset of ML. All three- AL, ML and DL are different but they are inter related with each other.

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In artificial intelligence, even though not everyone agrees, a common (and maybe the biggest) myth is that of the intelligence explosion, which some people claim will happen (without considering physical limits or knowing anything about thermodynamics).

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