According to the implementation details of the gameplying AI, EISbot, the software was implemented as a Goal-driven autonomy architecture which is using the behavior language ABL.[1] Different modules for production, spatial planning and economy are generating behavior trees on the fly which allows the AI software to win every game, especially against a human player.

The only problem is, that it's hard or even impossible to win against the EISbot system. It was designed with the purpose to beat easily the counterpart and their main advantage over a human player is, that it can play 24/7 without any mistake. What is the best strategy to win against a AI which is superior?

[1] Weber, Ben George, Michael Mateas, and Arnav Jhala. "Applying goal-driven autonomy to starcraft." Sixth Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference. 2010.


The article itself states that it only outranks 48% of human players, which in turn means that 52% of players are superiour to this system.

Starcraft itself has some well known dynamics:

  1. As you can build only a certain amount of units, the composition of your army influences how effective it is against an equally sized opposing army. The unit composition kind of represent a Rock-Paper-Scissors dynamic, none is superiour but each is good in a special case.

  2. Now you can overcome a handycap in effectiveness with superiour micro-management, which means instead of letting the units attack the closest unit in reach/the one that pulls aggro(the default) you instead choose yourself which unit deals damage to which and even try to influence which of your units gets damaged by which opposing one. This requires quick reactions and results in high action per minute counts the professional players are so famous for.

  3. Having higher army/resource production can also influence the game in your favour. It doesn't matter if the opponents composition can defeat 3 of your armies if you are able to produce 4 full armies in the time the opponent can produce 1. You do this by either aquiring more resources than your opponent or by preventing the opponent from getting any.

To reliably beat someone(or a system) in Starcraft you to have use these three levers to skew the odds in your favour. And you can beat the AI by coming up with a strategy that acomplishes this, ideally in a way it has never experienced before (e.g. attacking resource production at an unforeseen time, new unit composition, supreme micromanagement).

If you are interested in how to build a system superior to the one you mentioned, the resources about Reinforcement Learning you can find here and here might be an interesting starting point.

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