I am currently trying to implement Stack Overflow for Teams where I work and this should cover Q & As about various topics from administrative / HR to internal programming questions.

In parallel HR is trying to implement a chat-bot to answer various HR / administrative questions and they say that our projects overlap when it comes to HR/administrative topics.

Besides the political issues, I think that the Q&A platform can help the chatbot by providing learning material.

The actual question

I have very little background on narrow AI related to chatbots, but from what I have read the chatbot requires training chats in order to be able to answer questions reasonably. I am wondering if Stack Exchange Q & As are a good training material for it. The pros and cons I am currently seeing are.


  • less noise - content is curated according to Stack Exchange rules, so most grammar errors are fixed, the questions and answers have enough concepts to be easily recognized etc.
  • reliability - users who are not happy with the chat bot's answer have a place to get answers from a human being


  • unnatural chats - Q&As are far from being as a chat where people make spelling mistakes and do not fully/clearly write the questions

Question: Is a Q&A web application content good to be used to train a closed domain chatbot?

  • $\begingroup$ What speaks against to search for existing literature in which chatbots in the context of Q&A websites were analyzed in the past? $\endgroup$ – Manuel Rodriguez Jul 17 '19 at 10:25

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