I just finished my implementation of NEAT and I want to see the phenotype of each genome. Is there a library for displaying a neural network like this?

enter image description here

Example of my genome syntax:

[[0, 11, 0.9154901559275923, 1, 19],
[4, 11, 1.3524964932656411, 1, 19],
[12, 9, -1.755210214894685, 1, 23],
[11, 12, 0.6193383549414015, 1, 23]]

Where [In, Out, Weight, Activated?, Innovation]


I've never used it, but, if you are using Python, have a look at neat-python, which is a Python package that implements NEAT and also provides a module, visualize, to plot the best and average fitness vs. generation, plot the change in species vs. generation, and to show the structure of a network described by a genome. See this Stack Overflow thread, if you encounter any issue while attempting to use this module. See also this example.

Have also a look at this web page, which lists links to many NEAT implementations in different languages, where some of them provide visualization tools.


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