I want to investigate whether I could use AI to count arbitrary symbols on an image. Example

Here's an example image like one I would be talking about, I wanted to know if there's an algorithm or an implementation of one that could count all of the different symbols that appear e.g. The A with a circle, the W in a square, etc. Each one is theoretically arbitrary, but there will be many of them on one image, and will all be simple, similar to how they appear in the image above.

I've looked at some basic clustering algorithms such as Optics on Pyclustering, but that hasn't met my needs exactly and I don't know enough about this topic to know if any of the other algorithms listed would help solve my issue. I've also had a look at scikit-learn but again I'm not too sure what I would be looking for.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to a direction I should be looking in, or an algorithm that exists for this sort of work?


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