I am a student of last year of computer engineering and lately I have been very interested in AI. Fields such as ML and DL seem very disruptive to me.

A few months ago I saw an interview of Bill Gates in which he was asked the following: if now you had 20 years in which area of ​​technology would you focus or what kind of company would you start? He replied that he would try to teach to read to an artificial intelligence algorithm and so it would draw all the knowledge from all possible books.

Bill Gates: If I were starting a company today, it would use AI to teach computers how to read

The issue is that currently nobody has managed to do it in a very efficient way. Do you think that with the AI ​​techniques that exist now such as Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, etc., is it possible to achieve something similar? If so, why type of algorithm or technique do you bet?

Thank you. It is only scientific curiosity.


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