Ideally I'd like to watch movie which is deep dreamed in real-time. Most algorithms which I know are too slow or not designed for real-time processing.

For example I'm bored with some movie which I've watched thousands of time and I'd like to add some "dreaming" to it which is real-time filter which takes input frames, then it's processing and enhances the images through artificial neural network to achieve doodled output.

Doesn't have to be exactly DeepDream or hallucinogenic technique (which could be too much to watch for 2h), but with any similar ANN algorithm. I'm more interested into achieving desired real-time use.

What kind of techniques can achieve such efficiency?


Most of the algorithms (based on image synthesis and style transfer, e.g. neural-doodle) haven't been proven to be highly effective in terms of real-time image processing.

However the following studies discusses such algorithms for real-time texture synthesis:

Source: Above list suggested on neural-doodle project.

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