Artificial Intelligence is usually teached with robotics in mind. The problem with car like robots is, that the amount of control which is needed is huge. A car has a position, a speed value, a trajectory and a lane on which the toy is operating. The more easier to achieve control problem is given by trains, who can only drive on a single lane. Additionally, the railroad modelling community is much larger than the robotics one, so it make sense to not controls robots, but simulated trains.

A current software for doing so is Open Rails which has a nice 3d interface. What i'm missing is a scripting interface to write an Artificial Intelligence bot. Are train simulators available which are supporting this feature similar to the OpenAI Gym envirionment?



Train Simulator 2015 appears to support a Lua-based scripting interface.

That said, it's not at all clear that this is a good idea for an AI project, as opposed to say, Sutton & Barto's class reinforcement learning problems, like mountain car or cart-pole.

It's also definitely not the case that AI is "usually" taught with robotics in mind. The two disciplines are almost unconnected at this point.


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