In the gaming community an Aimbot is used to extend the human capabilities of playing a game. An average human user has only a limited capabilities of mastering a game. The amount of actions per minute and the abilities to take perfect decisions in a real time scenario can only be improved a little but not very much. The logical answer to the problem is to utilized semi-automatic game-playing agents which are called Aimbots. The basic idea is, that such a software reduces the workload for a human player and make him a stronger player.

Unfortunately, most existing aimbots can only automate the game play itself. They are providing decision support for the next action. They fail in the task to communicate this decision back to the human user. What kind of technology is needed to equip an existing Aimbot with the ability to coach a human player? Coaching means, that the software is explaining to the human what the game is about and why a certain decision make sense.

From narrow AI to Aimbots

An Aimbot is working different from the latest AlphaZero bot who can play Starcraft autonomously. A normal Narrow AI is programmed to do a task by it's own but it doesn't interact with a human user. After pressing the start button a game playing agent doesn't provide feedback to the user. In contrast, an Aimbot has an improved user interface which allows the human user to take advantage from the software on the fly. It's an example for a coworking robot which acts in the same space like the human operator. The NLP functionality improves the interaction with the human user.

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