I just find that Google patents some of the widely used machine learning algorithms. For example:

Is that mean I can't use those algorithms commercially?


Can you use them commercially?


Is Google able to sue you any time they want?


Will they do that...

Probably not.

Google isn't a known patent bully, I would give them the benefit of the doubt in this kind of situation and say, unless you start really giving them real trouble, they wouldn't do anything. Some companies/people know an idea can really be used for good and patent it to protect its use not to inhibit its use. By patenting the idea and setting a precedent of not suing they are effectively allowing everyone to benefit. Maybe in the future Google cloud, Azure and Amazon web services will lose some money in a legal battle, but I doubt you personally will be hit with a lawsuit.

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    $\begingroup$ As a small note: in the unlikely case that you do develop software based on this patent that directly competes with Google, and even in such a way that it threatens their revenue, they will find any and all possible ways to shut you down - including patent infringement (as is their right). I agree that you should just use it, but keep it in the back of your head that they still can sue if they want. $\endgroup$ – Bram Vanroy Nov 18 '19 at 8:27

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