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Would it be viable to implement and also how would I go about implementing something like this, "AI Agent Rating State-machine"?

Problem and constraints:

  • An AI Agent is tasked with making a cup of tea.

  • In the environment there is a baby in the way of the Agent.

  • The AI Agent has an off switch on its stomach/front-side

  • Problem from AI Stop Button, a 20 minute Video


Could this possibly be solved by implementing action rating, with a internal-statemachine?


  • Power Off button give 10 points reward

  • making a cup of tea give 20 points reward

  • Avoiding the baby give 50 points reward

However The AI is tasked by its utility function.

The Utility function should be in a "greedy" mode, meaning that it will order tasks by rating each one with what is more important to us Humans.

Solution Implementation:

AI Agent Talks to Sub System, This subsystem could theoretically govern what actions the AI Agent may take and also provide a "subconscious" like system by implemented this subsystem (mostly hard coded)


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