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I'm doing a personal project for android, I want to make an app in Android Studio. The App will be an AI Assistant Like Siri, Jarvis , etc. The idea in mind is to make the app able to have this features : Voice Recognition and ability to respond Text Recognition and the ability to response to text chats Some Translation Skills and maybe the ability to understand phrases and syntax and lookup a google search for example for something that is asked answer basic questions like how old are you, what is your name , for age answer maybe it can update since app release on playstore for example?

I've Started actually the project today and it's still in the early process I've got my first run on my android with Android Studio and the right SDKtools and plugins also started implementing firebase features and other things now im working on improving.

Please Recommend me some Features to add, Ideas to make it better and more intuitive and responding, more APIS to use and more options.

Hope that you can help me with the best your imagination can explore. Thanks for your time reading and sorry for the chatter.


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