Here is a list of meta-heuristic algorithms

  • Ant colony optimization,
  • Ant lion optimizer,
  • Artificial bee colony algorithm,
  • Bat algorithm,
  • Cat swarm optimization,
  • Crow search algorithm,
  • Cuckoo optimization algorithm,
  • Cuckoo search algorithm,
  • Differential evolution,
  • Firefly algorithm,
  • Genetic algorithm,
  • Glowworm swarm optimization,
  • Gravitational search algorithm,
  • Grey wolf optimizer,
  • Harmony search,
  • Multi-verse optimizer,
  • Particle swarm optimization,
  • Shuffled complex evolution,
  • Simulated annealing,
  • Tabu search,
  • Teaching-learning-based optimization

Can anyone explain the similarities and dissimilarities of evolutionary game theory and the meta-heuristic approach?


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