I have a CNN architecture for CIFAR-10 dataset which is as follows:

Convolutions: 64, 64, pool

Fully Connected Layers: 256, 256, 10

Batch size: 60

Optimizer: Adam(2e-4)

Loss: Categorical Cross-Entropy

When I train this model, training and testing accuracy along with loss has a very jittery behavior and does not converge properly.

Is the defined architecture correct? Should I have a max-pooling layer after every convolution layer?


To be honest, your model is not very clear. But basically after the convolution, you need to add non-linear layers. Otherwise, there is no point of Neural Networks.

You can add a Relu layer for sure.

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  • $\begingroup$ I am using TensorFlow 2.0 Conv2D layer and I am using ReLU activation function $\endgroup$ – Arun Feb 25 at 16:03

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