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First of all, I am pretty new to python and Ai and never realised a project before. I am a PLC-programmer with experience, but never did anything like this: I was thinking about a logistic center which is controlled by AI. At least the motor/sensor part of the warehouse. As it may sound as some stupid questions to you, I would appreciate every answer!

1) What is the best way to simulate a warehouse/logistic center? I need an input layer which gives me the same signals as every logistic center would. So totes which are driving on a given lane (incl. complicated crossings) and blocking sensors located every tote length. The length/weight and according to that, the occupation time of the sensors should be adjustable to simulate differnt sizes of more and less filled totes.

2) Is there any program that could give me such an simulation without having to completely program it myself? And if so would it be capable of communicating/give me my input layer?

3) What would be the best algorithm to analyze such data? the goal is to control the motors and valves to guide the totes thru the warehouse with an minimum of distance to each other and the highest, physical possible thruput.

4) From my perspective this should be data which is constant and more or less easy to understand for an algorithm. When the usual pattern of the sensors is learned it should be possible to compensate issues like a few broken sensors or something similar, right?

5) Do you think it is realistic for a beginner to realize such a project?

Thanks, I appreciate every single answer!

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