I try get the matrix embedding of my model but I can't because although this code gives no error it never ends running. The code is:

def fast_text(norm_corpus):
    wpt = nltk.WordPunctTokenizer()
    tokenized_corpus = [wpt.tokenize(document) for document in norm_corpus]
    # Set values for various parameters
    feature_size = 300
    # Word vector dimensionality
    window_context = 5
    # Context window size
    min_word_count = 1
    # Minimum word count
    sample = 1e-3
    ft_model = FastText(tokenized_corpus, size=feature_size, window=window_context,min_count=min_word_count,sample=sample, sg=i, iter=50)

    words = list(ft_model.wv.vocab)
    vectors = []
    for w in words:
    embedding_matrix = np.array(vectors)
    embedding_matrix = embedding_matrix.T

    return embedding_matrix

I don't know how fix it.


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