I am looking for a technique to train a machine learning model to choose two items from a list.

So, given a list $x=[x_1, x_2, x_3, x_4, \dots, x_n]$, the model needs to choose two elements $(x_i, x_j)$. I have a function $R(x, x_i, x_j)$, which will output the reward of choosing $(x_i, x_j)$ given $x$.

What type of models should I use, and how should I train it to maximize the reward?

I've tried using deep reinforcement learning, but I ran into the following problems with implementing the Q-Network:

  1. Variable-length inputs (fixed by using RNN, I think)
  2. The output size grows factorially (for an input set of n elements, there are n choose 2 ways to pick 2 elements, so the network needs to output n choose 2 expected rewards)

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