J. Pitrat (born in 1934) was a French leading artificial intelligence scientist (the first to get a Ph.D. in France mentioning "artificial intelligence"). His blog is still online and of course refer to most of his papers (e.g. A Step toward an Artificial Artificial Intelligence Scientist, etc.) and books, notably Artificial Beings: the conscience of a conscious machine (his last book). He passed away in October 2019. I attended (and presented a talk) at a seminar in his memory.

What are recent AI systems or research papers related to the idea of symbolic AI, introspection, declarative metaknowledge, meta-learning, meta-rules, etc.?

Most of those I know are more than 20 years old (e.g. Lenat Eurisko; I am aware of OpenCyC). I am interested in papers or systems published after 2010 (perhaps AGI papers with actual complex open source software prototypes).

-see also the RefPerSys system-


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Today one of the challenges is learning representations/concepts that are causally invariant. Once we have good representations then we can work on the reasoning aspect. There are 2 camps of people today. One believes that symbolic manipulation cannot be achieved properly by deep networks. Hence, they separate the task of extracting a lower-dimensional representation of objects from the visual scenes from the task of reasoning with knowledge-graphs. The other camp feels that we can do end-to-end training of a neural network and it can learn how to jointly learn a good lower-dimensional representation for each symbol along with learning how to reason with them. I am no expert at this but here are a few papers that I find are worthy for you to read -

  1. Neuro Symbolic Concent Learner Paper, Code
  2. Learning Reasoning Strategies in End-to-End Differentiable Proving Paper, Code
  3. Neuro-Symbolic Visual Reasoning: Disentangling “Visual” from “Reasoning” Paper
  4. Knowledge Infused Learning (K-IL): Towards Deep Incorporation of Knowledge in Deep Learning Paper
  5. Visual Concept-Metaconcept Learning Paper Project Page
  6. CVPR 2020 workshop on Neuro-Symbolic Visual Reasoning and Program Synthesis youtube videos

If you are looking for community maintained lists, here is one list of papers


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