Currently, I'm making a chatbot that is going to be functioning in a website, so I was wondering, is it better to train the chatbot with intentions files or use the database as the intention file, if it the latter, then how would I do it? With SQLite or with Excel? Any guides or tutorial would be appreciated.

I'm planning to use Flask + Python + Html for the chatbot.


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Recognising intents is only a small step in developing a chatbot. It's fine to use an ML classifier with training data for that, no need to keep the original list of intents.

However, you should really think about the next step: how are you getting your bot to conduct a dialogue, rather than firing off single responses to user queries. That is where things get difficult, and that is also what distinguishes a good chatbot from a simple-minded Eliza-clone.

The programming language/framework you use is not relevant.


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