I am new to this topic, researched a lot, but still, I have no clue which way might be the right one. As I do not have previous Expertise on this, it is very difficult for me to even find out the start as there is no such tutorial or something similair + I REALLY HAVE NO CLUE about how I could google this kind of stuff as it is very specific and I am therefore not able to find a "parent" topic to google for, except AI.

So I search here for tipps, articles, links, insights of some of you guys.

What I would like to achive is the following: I have a dataset of users which each have multiple relevant values and a List of Users. (e.x. ValA, ValB, ValC, List)

On the other hand is a rank system. It has many ranks which require the user to have a specific score value each month. But it also requires their List to have a specific score.

For Example: UserA has a scoreA of 1000. UserA has in his list UserB and UserC. UserB has a scoreA of 50. UserC has a scoreA of 150

Therefore UserA has a scoreA of 1000 and a scoreB of 200 (50+150)-> scoreC would be 1200.

Until now it is still easy to accomplish even without AI. But now comes to hard part.

The ranks: - R1 requires 500 scoreC - R2 requires 1000 scoreC + at least 1 User in the List which reached R1 in this month.

Now for the use case: The AI should be able to tell a entered user his next steps / possible best strategy for highest possible rank. For example UserA -> Should reach out to userC and tell him to play more in order to reach 500 scoreA.

If you now would add more ranks and more users, the best strategy for userA would be to notify userX because UserX has UserY which could reach a new Rank by notifying UserZ, which then would give a new rank to Y, to X, to A.

It is all about finding out which actions have to be taken to get to the next rank.

Best, TheMrone


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