All of the attention in the AI field over the past few years has been toward statistical AI, now that Machine Learning has been validated on hard problems.

However, I want to learn more about classical AI (also known as "symbolic AI" and "GOFAI--good old fashioned AI", and "expert systems".)

  • What are some examples of classical AI methods?

Please provide a brief description for each method listed.

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If you're looking for AI systems:

  1. Deep Blue
  2. Eliza

If you're looking for specific algorithms:

  1. Bayesian Networks
  2. Decision Trees
  3. Any search algorithm
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This is very possibly the most famous single algorithm of all time, and predates modern computers by a couple of decades. It is a simple decision rule with general utility.

(Some might say that this algorithm represents a form of general intelligence, in that it can be so widely applied, although that statement would likely be controversial.)


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