I have some databases with information about exports and imports of a country, what are they importing, the times that an importation was made, the country from and target, everything related to Customs. My goal is to create and A.I which creates news based on the data, for example : "First time that country X exports item Y", "Exports of item Z has been stopped since 1988", "The main imported article of 2019 was Robots!".

So, the problem is very complex, at first I have some functions that reads databases and returns some info like "Top exported item", "First time exported item Y", etc, later stel is to teach program to write a New. I used historical data to create some alerts from test database and then i'm using a listener to database to read every new record and compute with my functions if it generates some new information (new register, new country import, export, etc)

Im stuck in the second part, and maybe my aproach is not the correct one. So, my question is How to deal with this problem?, how to teach to look for news in database,


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