I have written this post in medium:

Opensource Online group Dancing with Motion capture and …

So I have was working on motion analysis and seen this GitHub page and this video (related paper could be seen here):

But because i'm newbie in this area and don't tried any module codes in my PC to test creating online Avatar and ..., i asked here to know for having one live avatar only by few picture of on person how mush is hard to create 10 live human dancer's avatar which are synced and combined in 3D environment.

Also asked this question in that video page:

How is hard to make live avatar for 10 person dancing online, and create some live environment like SIMS game by these avatars ( CPU and Memory which is needed?) and the main module to do it , it it written by OpenAI?

i thinks it must be fast enough as human eye scan time ( 25 frame in 1 second) which i dont know it is possible now to do it? also if possible could you say, how much CPU and memory needs to do this simulation online ?)



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