I have camera feed (in the form of RGB images) from 3 cameras with overlapping FOV e.g. for the time stamp 0 to 100, I have synchronized RGB frames for each camera.

The object (Robot) is moving from one place to another place. I don't know about the camera locations but for each frame & for each camera, I have 8-corner points of bounding-box which are just 2D projections of corresponding 3D camera points on an image. For example, in frames, depending upon the time stamp, if the object appears then I have 2D coordinates of the 8 corners of blue bounding box. Note that, in the below image, I have shown only an example object not the entire frame!

enter image description here

image source

Apart from this, I have an Intrinsic Matrix which is the same for all the cameras. I also know the object (Robot) dimensions (length, breadth, & height).

So, using these RGB frames from all the cameras, 2D coordinates of 8 corner-points and object (Robot) dimensions, how can I calibrate 3 cameras as well as how can I find the poses of each camera w.r.t. the first camera in the form of a 4x4 transformation matrix [SE(3)]?


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