I am having a difficult time trying to find out if spacy lists the gender or for that matter the inflection of any word in German. The software was started in Berlin so I find it very difficult to believe that this would not be the case. When you input the word 'gender' into https://spacy.io/ search box, nothing comes back. When you input the search into google 'gender' site:https://spacy.io/

You actually get back the result that several other languages do have something like gender in their algorithm, for example, Spanish has

ADJ , ADJ__AdpType=Prep , ADJ__AdpType=Preppron|Gender=Masc|Number=Sing , ADJ__AdvType=Tim , ADJ__Degree=Abs|Gender=Fem|Number=Plur

The most detailed info on German at spacy found here https://spacy.io/models/de is very brief with very little info.

When I parse the sentence:

"'Wir glauben, daß diese Vorgänge nur empirisch-psychologisch untersucht werden können und mit Logik wenig zu tun haben.'"

And I look at the noun 'Vorgänge' I would expect to see something that looks like it is a plural noun and perhaps also nominative but I only see the following in my namespace (of course the namespace is larger than this but you get the idea):

enter image description here


It seems from this old thread German lemmatization and noun gender that they never actually implemented this feature. But in the same thread you can find links to these two GitHub projects that should provide you an alternative:


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