I have been using tensorflow For neutral network

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Kintu, TF - have built value for fingerprint:

the fingerprint method is farmhash64

FarmHash64 provides a portable 64-bit hash function for strings (byte array). The function mix the input bits thoroughly but is not suitable for cryptography.

FarmHash64 by default, which provides a consistent hashed output


# Importing the library 
import tensorflow as tf 
# Initializing the input 
data = tf.constant([[1, 2], [ 3, 4]]) 
method = 'farmhash64'
# Calculating result 
res = tf.fingerprint(data, method) 
# Printing the result 
print('res: ', res)

enter image description here While the algorithm and the process itself are more comprehensive, I recommend SVM algorithm for classification


https://www.degruyter.com/view/journals/jisys/29/1/article-p1379.xml?language=en http://www.tjprc.org/publishpapers/2-14-1390373888-12.%20Finger%20print.fll.pdf

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