I'm facing a situation where I've to fetch probabilities from BERT MLM for multiple words in a single sentence.

Original : "Mountain Dew is an energetic drink"
Masked : "[MASK] is an energetic drink"

But BERT MLM task doesn't consider two tokens at a time for the MASK. I strongly think that there should be some sort of work around that I'm unable to find other than fine-tuning.


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I've found the answer in the original BERT git repo

***** New May 31st, 2019: Whole Word Masking Models *****

This is a release of several new models which were the result of an improvement the pre-processing code.

In the original pre-processing code, we randomly select WordPiece tokens to mask. For example:

Input Text: 
the man jumped up , put his basket on phil ##am ##mon ' s
head Original Masked Input: [MASK] man [MASK] up , put his [MASK] on
phil [MASK] ##mon ' s head

The new technique is called Whole Word Masking. In this case, we always mask all of the the tokens corresponding to a word at once. The overall masking rate remains the same.

Whole Word Masked Input: 
the man [MASK] up , put his basket on [MASK] [MASK] [MASK] ' s head

The training is identical -- we still predict each masked WordPiece token independently. The improvement comes from the fact that the original prediction task was too 'easy' for words that had been split into multiple WordPieces.

This can be enabled during data generation by passing the flag


to create_pretraining_data.py.


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