I want to recognize pieces of chessboard diagram (not real 3d pieces but just diagram).

I split this task in some operation like rotation/cutting/segmentation.

First of all I want to detect chessboard rotation (x/y/z) before segmentation. I will have unlimited number of rotated chessboards with labels from photos done with camera. Photos can be done with tolerance of 5 degree for x, y (about) and 20 for z.

z is rotation of axis of lens to point of view and x, y is tilts of lens (like in normal camera).

As result it is need to get x, y, z in -180, 180 range (practically can be only -20, 20 since nobody do wrong photos).

For example like this (input is image and output is x, y, z (value with tolerance of 0.5 degree can be enough - so it can be class of rotation):

No rotation

No rotation

Some 2d rotation (z axis only)

Some 2d rotation (z axis only) Some 2d rotation (z axis only)

Some 3d rotation (x, y, z - camera photo)

Some 3d rotation Some 3d rotation

I assume that paper with chessboard diagram is not too much curved but can be.


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