StyleGAN is trained progressively, meaning that it starts as a small network trained to produce 4x4 images, then a layer is added which doubles the resolution to 8x8, then 16x16, etc. The final result is a large GAN which can produce high-resolution images, such as 1024x1024. But if I understand correctly, this training procedure should also create, as a byproduct, a series of GANs which produce images of size 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 etc.

I am interested in running some experiments on this "GAN pyramid", where the 8x8 GAN was trained starting from the 4x4 GAN, etc. But I'm hoping to avoid training a progressive GAN myself, since the process sounds slow, and I don't have StyleGAN's recommended 8 Tesla V100 GPUs. Is there anywhere I can download such a pretrained GAN pyramid online?

I've tried Googling around for this a bit, but I'm not even sure what keywords to search for. I would prefer a styleGAN pyramid trained to produce faces, but other architectures or image domains are fine.


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