Given the model:

GRU(200, input_shape=(None,100), return_sequences=False)

Which maps the space (None, 100) -> (200,)

Is there an InverseGRU such that it maps the space (200,) -> (None, 100)

or, at least, is it possible to simulate this behaviour?

  • $\begingroup$ This seems to be somehow a duplicate of this: ai.stackexchange.com/q/27246/2444. $\endgroup$ – nbro Apr 11 at 1:48
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ @nbro its part of the same problem, but tackling a different aspect. That question is more general, this question is about whether this specific type of layer exists - and where its even possible to implement $\endgroup$ – Tobi Akinyemi Apr 11 at 2:05

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