I am trying to reproduce results reported for IRGAN (information retrieval GAN) on the MovieLens 1M dataset. The results I want to reproduce and their sources are listed in the table below.

Model Precision@5 NDCG@5 Source
IRGAN 26.30% 26.40% CFGAN
IRGAN 30.98% 31.59% CoFiGAN
IRGAN 31.82% 33.72% BiGAN

While my implementation of IRGAN is able to reproduce the results on the MovieLens 100k dataset, I am having problems discovering the hyperparameters for reproducing the results on the MovieLens 1M dataset; currently my IRGAN implementation is achieving a precision@5 score of 21.7%. Unfortunately, the authors of the aforementioned papers do not share the hyperparameters used for training their version of IRGAN.

Thus, I want to ask if there is a repository with the used hyperparameters? Furthermore, I would be most grateful if you could provide me information on how to contact the authors?


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