I have been looking into Viv an artificial intelligent agent in development. Based on what I understand, this AI can generate new code and execute it based on a query from the user. What I am curious to know is how this AI is able to learn to generate code based on some query. What kind of machine learning algorithms are involved in this process? One thing I considered is breaking down a dataset of programs by step. For example:

Code to take the average of 5 terms

1 - Add all 5 terms together
2 - Divide by 5

Then I would train an algorithm to convert text to code. That is as far as I have figured out. Haven't tried anything however because i'm not sure where to start. Anybody have any ideas on how to implement Viv? Here is a demonstration of Viv.


I was looking into genetic algorithms and things of that sort when I came acrossed this video. The guy in the video seems to know what hes doing i watched like 20 minutes of it. Interesting stuff and he goes step by step with everything.


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