Is it possible to do strided 2d pooling using only reshape and slice operations? In a nutshell, can you do strided 2d pooling using only np.reshape and slice (eg. arr.data[0:5])?

Here is an example of 2d pooling with support for only kernel_size:

kernel_x = 2
kernel_y = 2
xup = arr.data[:, :, :arr.shape[2]-arr.shape[2]%kernel_y, :arr.shape[3]-arr.shape[3]%kernel_x]
arr.reshape(shape=(arr.shape[0], arr.shape[1], arr.shape[2]//kernel_y, kernel_y, arr.shape[3]//kernel_x, kernel_x))

(Max and average pooling is only a matter of doing a .mean or .max along axis 3 & 5 after this)

Does anyone know how, or if it is possible to incorporate a stride (preferably 2-dimensional, however a one dimensional would be fenomenal too) into this kind of 2d pooling solution with only slice & reshape operations? Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!


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