I am working on a project in which I have an RGB Image and the corresponding 2d bounding boxes for the objects in the image. I also have a respective point cloud and therefore, I can extract the depth information of the objects in the 2d image from the point cloud. Therefore, I have the following information: 2D bounding boxes (image plane), Point Cloud, Depth of the object, (x,y,z) world coordinate of the object in the point cloud.

I would like to convert these 2d bounding boxes to 3d boxes (cuboid) and then plot it inside the point cloud, thus indicating the position/orientation, i.e. pose of the object inside the point cloud. I would like to use simple geometry and not train any Neural network to determine the 3d bounding box.

However, I am stuck on the conversion of 2d boxes to 3d. Can anyone lend a hand perhaps?

Thank You.


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