I have tried to find some AI models which could create one sense of the autism simulated video on the below questions:

By modeling the mental disorder by AI, we can discover some of hidden feature of these disorder and ....

So if possible, I like to know, does anybody have tried to simulate some mental disorder brain network and functionality, by some AI models, if yes some tags or papers would be great?

Update 1:

I have tried to find some Google results by Nero simulation brain and **mental disorder simulating by AI models**and found the bellow interesting results and found this post and The Human Brain Project: Creating a European Research Infrastructure to Decode the Human Brain simulating the mental disorders:

The Brain Simulation Platform. This platform aims at delivering an Internet-accessible collaborative platform for data-driven predictive reconstruction and simulation of brain models. The platform makes it possible to reconstruct and simulate models at different levels of description, e.g., abstract computational models, point neuron models, detailed cellular and subcellular level models of neuronal circuitry, molecular dynamics-based tools and models, and multi-scale models that switch dynamically between different levels of description. Tools, services, apps, and workflows provide access to the different models and allow the community to create their own models. Rodent and human brain including imaging data will be used to build these models. Simulators include STEPS, Neuron, and NEST (link).

Scientists are creating virtual simulations of the brain to better understand the real thing

Also find out some interesting AI Brian Modeling like shown below (some links 1, 2):

enter image description here

Update 2:

I have found the Multi-scale brain networks which could show some tags for better finding the Mental disorder simulating by AI:

enter image description here



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