Suppose I have a feature map with size $C_1 \times H \times W$. And I need to convert it into a feature map of size $C_2 \times H \times W$.

One way to do this is to use convolutional neural networks as Conv2d($C_1, C_2$)

I want to know whether there are any other ways in Literature to perform the desired operation?

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    $\begingroup$ any specific goal in mind when thinking about resizing these feature maps? from the way the question is phrased now it seems you're asking for a generic list that potentially include any matrix operation $\endgroup$ Oct 12 '21 at 7:54
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    $\begingroup$ @EdoardoGuerriero Goal is to down-sample only, but without learning parameters. $\endgroup$
    – hanugm
    Oct 12 '21 at 8:47

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